Thursday, July 2, 2015

Book Review : The Mahabharata Quest - The Alexander Secret (By Christopher C Doyle)

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Man has sought immortality since times immemorial. And the very ambitious Greek conqueror Alexander was no exception. But what secret does the Mahabharata hide that can bestow this ultimate boon on the emperor ??

This is one of the best suspense thrillers coming from an Indian author. It combines Greek history with a radical new interpretation of Indian mythology and spruces it up with a generous dose of science. The narration fluctuates between the present day and during the time of Alexander's reign while the action moves between Greece and India.

A discovery at a Greek tomb and a fire at clinical trials laboratory in Delhi spark off the action. Apart from a Greek archaeologist, a team working for the Indian Intelligence Bureau and an Indo-US task force is also sucked into the vortex of events that follow. A secret cult is out to get them before they unravel the mystery.

There are numerous twist and turns to keep one hooked. Plus the language used is really simple and the narration is fluid. Every chapter unearths some new and thankfully it all comes together seamlessly. While there is a romantic angle, the author does not dwell upon it for any longer than is appropriate for a thriller novel.

The worst part ? The story does not end with this book and one is left with a "To be continued...".

Not going to spoil it for you by revealing more. Do read this if you like suspense thrillers. 

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