Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Book Review : First Family by David Baldacci

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First ladies come in all shades but none can beat Jane Cox. She is sharp, ambitious and totally ruthless. At times, she mirrors a former US first lady who choose to stand by her husband even when he was besieged by a sex scandal that lead to his impeachment. Just another example where a writer has drawn inspiration from real life. And she almost succeeds but for an unlikely nemesis in a plantation owner, a guy driven by his pursuit of justice. He is meticulous and has the patience to boot. He hatches a very audacious plot, unleashes a chain of events that lead his victims to him and then waits for them to walk into the trap.

The story starts with a high profile B'day celebration which promptly turns into a nightmare with a murder and a kidnapping. The investigators are called in but initial leads turn out to be false. The life of the First family and their ways are described in such detail that one almost starts to sympathize with the rich and the famous politicians living under the media glare . While the actual plot is not very new, the narration and the web of suspense built by Baldacci makes it a winner. The most brilliant aspect of the book is the turning point where the good guys and the bad guys actually swap places.

There are enough sub-plots and minor revelations to keep the suspense alive till the very end. Most of the characters are very human and hence prone to their own share of failings. Baldacci has nicely tied a lot of loose ends and created a memorable book.

The lead pair of Baldacci's novels, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are in top shape apart from the personal problems plaguing Michelle which shape up into an impressive sub-plot. Given that this book is a through and through suspense thriller, I wont' be volunteering more details. Read it for you wont' regret it !!

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