Wednesday, April 27, 2016

She Rants !! ( A Mother's day Tribute )

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The sun seems, 'oh so languid' !
But I can't afford to be stupid !!

The clock has began to tick,
and a hundred tasks await my pick.
Prioritize, that I must,
still need to slog till I go bust !!

I put the tea to simmer,
even as I shake the man outta his slumber.
The kid is next in line,
he awaits his turn as the adult falls in line !!

The kid turns out to be a handful !
Just not what i need with the maid giving me an earful !!
'They hardly cook at home', says the rabble rouser,
driving a wedge even as she diminishes the dishes like a terminator.

I consider ordering dinner from outside,
even as I juggle kid husband and breakfast side by side !
But it seems small mercies are not on the horizon,
hubby declines my proposal with the hint of a stomach infection !!

The kid is must look as neat as a pin,
to preempt snide remarks that I cannot bear and grin !
Mothers of the other kids can at times turn into a pain,
But I must refrain for I have nothing to gain !!

The empty house looks far from immaculate,
but all I do is to sit on the sofa and speculate.
I obviously need to regain my mojo,
I achieve that almost magically by purchasing a rye hobo !!

I am now unstoppable,
ticking off the tasks from the list before they turn into treble !
Woman and machine collaborate,
and every speck of dirt is set to obliterate.

Alas ! The kid is back home,
even before I can conquer Rome !
My efforts are all but undone,
and I wish I could shoot myself with a gun !!

Perseverance always pays somebody says,
I remind myself I try to ignore the kid's errant ways !
But it is the man who gives me the migraine,
for my all efforts always goes against the grain !!

Tried my best to match MIL's culinary prowess,
but never succeeded in conquering that fortress !
And when it came to mingling with his extended family,
I realized I had been cozying up to the wrong ally  !!

I chase away the silhouette of negativity,
and prepare dinner with remarkable sincerity !
Who wants to take a chance with food poisoning,
even if one's thoughts cannot seep into the seasoning !!

The man rightly claims domestic exception,
for his to nine to five exploitation !
But then I can always claim materialistic compensation
in lieu of forgoing any claims of relaxation !!

Grant me one last rant,
For I am in no mood for an endless chant !
Some TLC is all you need to profess,
for me to shower you with all that I possess !!


  1. Have you written this poem.. boy you r really talented

    1. yep it is mine ! I rarely write this kind of poetry. And thanks a lot :):)

  2. Wow. Awesome is but a mere word! Oh now do you have to rush and clean up that dirt! ��

  3. Wow. Awesome is but a mere word! Oh now do you have to rush and clean up that dirt! ��

    1. thanks dear for those flattering words :) !! n right now m clearing the cobwebs gathered in my mind :)