Thursday, January 14, 2016

Book Review : The Girl On The Train ( Paula Hawkins )

It is one of the best books of 2015. A thriller that kind of gets into your mind. Just like an innocent bystander who gets drawn into an surprising powerful vortex while trying to establish a passing connection with some stranger.

The story is about a girl who sees a blissful couple on her way to work everyday. It's just a glimpse that she catches from the train but proceeds to build up a fairy-tale around it. Just a recreation of everything that her life was or what it could still have been had not it been for a failed marriage and her drinking problems. But there are no real life fairy-tales and this one ends rather abruptly when the woman goes missing. Invariably, she finds herself mixed in the events leading to the disappearance . Only she cannot remember what it is due to a mental disorder.

To be honest, I found some parts of this book to be quite depressing. The lead character is quite sad, forlorn and there is too much focus on her drinking problem. While I have to say that Paula Hawkins has explained it very well but it kind of gets revolting and even repetitive at times. As far as thrillers go, this one seems to be more on the depressing side. In fact, all the characters are painted with grey, each one with failings of his/her own. Yeah, it is one of those books without any heroes. Only complicated and twisted characters who do not seem to be thinking straight.

The going back and forth between the dates is also kind of confusing at times. I had to look back a couple of times to make sure that I had the things in right chronological order. But the author makes up for every flaw with a climax that is as convincing as it can be.

A must read if you can handle a bit of depressing stuff. 

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