Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Stepping out of the Food Blogger Mould

It feels liberating to step out of the food blogger mould. Though I have been associated with food blogging for close to six years now, the blogosphere has undergone a sea change. While it was a close group of individuals in those initial days who appreciated and encouraged each other while learning and growing simultaneously, the current scene is dominated ambitious folks who are not content with just writing about recipes. They keep adding tags like foodie, food critic, restaurant reviewer and other such stuff in order to stand out amongst each other. It seems that suddenly enough everyone has morphed into experts on food though quite a few of then can just about manage to boil water. It has become more about social networking rather than being just about good food. No wonder a lot of my old blogger buddies have been pushed into retirement.

Another reason for  can also be the fact that my initial objective has now become obsolete. I started with the goal of making a name for Odia cuisine and keeping those native culinary traditions alive. But from being a handful, the community of Odia bloggers has now blossomed with a few dozens of blogs being added every month if not week.

On my part, I have never really warmed up to the title of food critic though I harbor a deep love for simple home cooked food . While I have explored the food and cuisine of at least ten cities, it hardly entitles me to write horrid stuff about a place. I prefer to call myself a reviewer at the best. My philosophy is simple. Good food will do the talking for itself while those horrid places need to be denounced. The competition seems to be among those mediocre joints and sadly enough, instead of the kitchen, the fight has been moved to the social media. ?????

While those six years have been wonderful and I have received a lot of appreciation, I now look to explore more. Being associated with a food blog, my literary contributions have always faced prejudice. Also it seemed unfair to serve my random musings to all those lovely folks who have subscribed to my food blog. They are most welcome to read my thoughts but I prefer to keep it optional. Hence the attempt to break free and carve a separate niche.

Wish me the best and keep the love alive !!

Note - All my book reviews, musing, stories, poems, reviews will be published on this blog.


  1. Way to go, dear! All the best... I am sure this one's gonna be as good and successful as the lovely food blog. God bless!